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We aim to establish strong partnerships with all clients we work with. This includes hiring managers, HR and Talent Acquisition partners. We will always be respectful of existing hiring processes and our aim is to become a valued extension of your team.

Working as a trusted partner, we will take the time needed to fully understand your business and what makes the perfect candidate for your role before we go to market. Our recruitment process is structured and proven. We follow the same process for all searches from job intake call, through to candidate shortlisting, interview and offer stage.

Engaged Search

This is our premium level service and will guarantee the position is filled within an agreed timeframe. The benefits of Engaged Search include;

  • Guaranteed placement within an agreed timeframe
  • Extended rebate period – 6 months
  • Talent Mapping Report
  • Salary Benchmarking Report
  • Exclusivity on shortlisted candidates

We follow a robust search and candidate qualification process and will integrate additional layers of qualification, specific to the client or position.

Contingent Search

We are happy to engage in non-exclusive searches with clients and will work diligently to source the best available candidates for your role.

As with engaged searches, we will work closely with our client partners to gain a full understanding of the job description and personality profile required for the position.

Contingent search is better suited to positions that are less urgent to fill. Working with multiple vendors may also lead to candidates being approached by more than one agency which can be discouraging, especially for senior level appointments.

Talent Mapping

Our Talent Mapping reports provide a comprehensive guide on talent availability within a specific market or discipline. These reports are especially valuable in niche markets with small talent pools and allow clients to make informed decisions on hiring strategy and time to hire forecasts.

Salary Benchmarking

Salary Benchmarking provides valuable information for both your talent attraction and retention strategy. In a fast paced market that has experienced exponential growth over the past 10 years, it is crucial to stay ahead of the competition so that you can retain your best employees and continue to grow your business with the best available talent the industry has to offer.